Apr 22, 2011

My 12.5

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm so glad the weekend is finally upon us and though it's another rainy day here in the city, I'm in a jolly mood cause I know I'll get to sleep in tomorrow!

So, the boys and I have created a rating scale. It's kind of complicated and kind of confidential, so just briefly I'll say that 13 is the highest ranking someone (or thing, depending on the category) can get. We sat for a few hours over dinner a while ago, going though all the celebrities we could think of. When I was asked who I think my highest rated celebrity would be, I shocked them by pulling out this guy:

Haha, right? No, but seriously:

I remember when I first saw this picture and my jaw dropped. Can you believe this kid:

grew up to be this guy?

Joseph Gorden-Levitt is my 12.5 (for right now). While there are a few others not too far behind, I've got to say I currently have a major soft spot for this man. And that's not only because I think he's incredibly handsome, but he's also a pretty amazing actor. While I really did not like (500) Days of Summer (waaay too hipster for my taste, but also I saw it on a plane), I thought he held his own next to the amazingly talented Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. I'm excited to see him in the upcoming Hesher, also starring Best Actress winner Natalie Portman.

He's looking quite different in that flick, though, so for now, let's just sit back and enjoy some pretty pictures of this pretty man.

With Zooey Dechanel, who ranks about 11.5.
Also, doesn't he look like Heath Ledger here?

Have a lovely weekend!!

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