Apr 21, 2011

Brilliant! Daily Outfit Planner DIY

Some days, I enjoy pulling out random pieces of my wardrobe and mixing and matching them. I love trying out new things, especially with my look, and some of my favorite outfits have come from a "What if...." kind of moment. The only problem with this is that my closet ends up looking like a disaster area and I'm too exhausted from putting on and taking off all those darn clothes that I skip the hangers and end up washing a load of already clean clothes (what a horribly lazy lady I am, I know!!)

But I stumbled upon a brilliant DIY idea that will help keep my closet organized: a Daily Outfit Planner, complete with cut up pictures that you can mix and match! It's like in Super Mario Brothers when you're in the Toad House and you have to match the top, middle and bottom of the pictures to get a prize. In this case, your prize could be a whole new outfit that never even crossed your mind.

Looking fresh, Mr. Star Plant-toad!

I had never even thought to do something like this, but it's such a simple and brilliant idea! Check out Photojojo for the simple step-by-step directions. They also give suggestions on how to kick it up a notch with outfit planners specifically for work or play, or even make-up planners to see if that purple smokey eye clashes too much with the pale pink lipstain you just bought.

Have fun!

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