Mar 8, 2011

My favorite beauty tool EVER

The Clarisonic Skincare Brush has been on the market for a few years now. Leading dermatologists, estheticians and skincare experts have raved about this product and many of them claim to use it both in their offices and at home. Perhaps even more telling is the overwhelming amount of positive reviews from customers all over the world who have watched their skin texture, fine lines and pore size improve before their eyes with the product created by the same team of engineers and researchers that developed the Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush.

It was these reviews that solidified my desire to purchase a Clarisonic Skincare Brush almost two years ago.  I did lots of research and decided that at $198, it would be my splurge during our annual trip to Vegas. I have struggled with acne my whole life and I would have spent any amount of money to get clear skin. But my loving husband really wanted to be the one to get it for me. Unfortunately for him (and a subject that is still kinda sensitive because it wasn't the first time something like this had happened), as he was getting out his credit card, my mother insisted that she was going to get it for me and would not take no for an answer (poor me, right? Having two people fight over getting me an expensive present!). Lo and behold! I had a new toy.

When I first started using it, I used the delicate brush head, because that was what the gal at Sephora recommended. But I wasn't seeing any results. Frustrated, I switched to the sensitive skin brush head that had come with the system, because I didn't know where in Japan I could buy a normal skin brush head. I still felt that the bristles simply weren't strong enough, and it had already been about 4 months with no break in my consistent break outs. After searching online, I found a store in Tokyo that sold the brush heads, and wouldn't you know it, the hubby and I were headed to Tokyo for a mini-vacation.

Armed with my normal brush head, I scrubbed my face twice a day. Things slowly started to improve and my skin was feeling better, but I was still breaking out. "Perhaps I'm going too overboard," I thought. Sure enough, according to skincare esthetician and expert RenĂ©e Rouleau, "Exfoliating too aggressively and too often can create inflammation... You don’t want to exfoliate to the point of destroying healthy cells." So I decided to start using it just once a day to remove my makeup at night. That did the trick.

My skin is healthier than it has ever been and while it's still no where near perfect and I still get the occasional blemish, I am a true believer that the Clarisonic Skincare Brush is worth every penny. A year and a half after the purchase, I don't think I could live without it.

What's your favorite beauty tool?

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