Mar 4, 2011

Can't Read My, Can't Read My...

No, you can't read my poker face (she's got you like nobody)!

While I'm quite good at singing Lady GaGa (with the best duet partner in the world singing the 'Muh-muh-muh-muh's (love you, honey)), I am not so good with the poker face.

Let me explain. I love that on this blog I get to talk about all the things I can't talk about with the people I live with (though they did watch the Oscars with me after I said, "This is my Superbowl!" #wellplayed). But there's a lot more to me than baking, make-up, fashion, crafts and celebrity culture.

When the big brother came to live with us, I was really happy to have him around. Not too many people can live with his or her adult sibling and actually get along! But, before I knew it, Chris and Dustin became best friends and spent all of their time talking about typical guy stuff: video games, poker, beer, baseball, hockey, football, basketball, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I really felt left out. OK, most of the time. (lonely face)

However, instead of fighting it, I decided that if I couldn't beat 'em (which I had tried with my 'Did you guys hear that Ryan and Scarlett broke up?' and 'Oh my gosh, Michelle is soooo annoying on the Bachelor! Can you believe her?' and 'Did you guys see the adorable new Hello Kitty collection from Sephora?'), I joined 'em.

A monthly Poker Night introduced me into the world of Texas Hold 'Em. I asked the boys to teach me everything they knew. They patiently practiced with me and walked me through what I was doing wrong. And then I made my debut and proceeded to take everyone's money. Yeah, what up? I was Poker Queen! Perhaps all the boys figured I had no idea what I was doing so they took it kind of easy on me, but judging from the type of guys we play with - fantastic, great guys, but guys who are in it to win it - I think it's safe to say that I simply outplayed them. The next month, I had to defend my crown and this time the boys came out with guns blazing. But I still beat 'em. Muhahaha!

And last winter, I played in a poker tournament in Vegas. It's one of the most memorable moments of all my years spent in Vegas (also up there, my $1500 Royal Flush, meeting Drew Carey and running into Hilary Duff on a sidewalk) and it's one of the proudest moments of my life. I didn't win, though I did outlast quite a few people at my table. Regardless, it was something that I never in a million years would have imagined me doing, but I did it and had a great time (partially thanks to the three glasses of champagne I downed in about an hour).

I am so thankful for this time in my life. Having Big Bro here has taught me so much. I can tell you that I don't like hoppy beer, I can sink a ball into the corner pocket, and maybe pretty soon I can tell you more than three baseball players' names (he's roped me into playing on a Fantasy Baseball league). I feel lucky to have him in my life for so many reasons, but I am especially thankful that he has helped make me into a more interesting, well-rounded person. And now, while I have to release my girlie fascinations and passions here and not at home, I don't feel lonely nearly as often (though I am still insanely bored with sports talk).

And I still can't bluff worth a damn.

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