Feb 24, 2011


I love being inspired. From provocative photography to provoking phrases, from charming confectionery to captivating couture, from dynamic DIYs to dramatic dwellings, I am interested in and inspired by many things. But it's difficult wading through magazines, books and the endless internet to find the few images that can capture my creative spark.

That is until I found a website where I can get a daily dose of daydreams...

It's called Pinterest. I can't even remember how I found it, but I thank my lucky stars everyday that I did. It's like a giant Inspiration Board, where people from all over the internet pin their favorite images.

Like a child, it has lead me on exciting flights-of-fancy, where with each picture, I build my dream house, or bake the most delectable of dishes, or travel to distant dreamlands. And the best part is that it's not passive - you can pin a picture from anywhere on the internet to share on your pinboards and with the whole community. Create different boards for different things - Style, Home, Food, Crafts, Inspiration, Design, Photography... anything that speaks to you, inspires you, moves you, makes you laugh, makes you cry. Anything that stirs up an emotion. Anything you've wanted to share with someone else - anyone else - you can share with strangers who will also feel your passion. The paths are endless.

Go today and get lost and inspired. Don't know where to start? Take a look at my pinboards - and follow me! I'll follow you back, too.

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