Feb 8, 2011

Beauty Basics & Beyond

Here's a fact about me: I love watching makeup videos. I've scoured YouTube for hours, going down the rabbit hole and exploring artist after artist. The tough part is, it's difficult to find the gems within all those desperately trying to get you to watch their basic, boring or amateur videos.

Somehow, I stumbled upon the lovely Ms. Lisa Eldridge (I probably StumbledUpon her quite literally). For more than 20 years, this British beauty has been an international fixture on the makeup scene. She has painted the (already) beautiful faces of stars like Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole, Lily Allen, Kelly Osbourne, Zhang ZiyiElle Macpherson, Nicole Richie, and Clemence Posey, just to name a few.  She's also worked on her own makeup line with Japanese makeup superbrand Shiseido.

But perhaps what draws me to her so much is her desire for every woman - or should I say the everyday woman - to be able to flawlessly apply her makeup as well. As she told the Daily Mail: "Most women don't even look at themselves properly, they just buy a load of products and slap it on everywhere - regardless of where they actually need it.  I see women in the street and want to stop them and say: 'If you would just brush those brows...'"

So she shares her tips, tricks and tutorials on her website, just for us! Some of them are a bit out there, but her segment on covering up blemishes was amazing. I couldn't believe the magic she was doing with her brush! Speaking of brushes, her vlog on her favorite brushes is also worth watching.

I can't recommend checking out Lisa Eldridge's videos for yourself enough. Pop over to her website for many, many more tutorials including information on aging skin and bridal makeup. You won't be sorry!

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