Sep 8, 2010

You know you love me...

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

Word is, our favorite Upper East Side fashionistas Serena and Blair spent their sizzling summer soaking up the sun - and shopping and single life - in the City of Light. And look who else finds himself in gay ole Pari... Mr. Bass himself, who we left last season shot through the heart by Ms. Waldorf - and shot in the back & left to die on the streets by some European thugs. But is that a new gal on his arm? My, my. Sure, La Ville-Lumière is the most popular tourist destination on Earth, but is it big enough for all these trouble makers - or should I say trouble magnets?

Gossip Girl Season 4 premieres next Monday, September 13th. It is the most fashionable show that I watch, and I am craving the juicy sights - and stories - that these spoiled rich kids bring into my life. In the meantime, check out a preview of the designer duds - and drama - we can expect to drool over this season.

Looks like the ladies had a blast together on the streets of the romantic city. Who needs boyfriends when you've got great girl friends?

In this picture, I love Serena's George Chakra Couture Swarovski Cage Corset Dress (also seen here on J. Lo), accented with a Rag & Bone Razor Coat and an adorable 76 Trombones Hat by Yestadt Millinery. But I'm not a fan of Blair's Moschino RTW Print Cherry Dress. I do love that she takes risks, though, and never plays it safe. She's got her own style and sticks with it, and like I say, you've got to wear whatever you've got with confidence. And Blair is overflowing with confidence. At all times.

But, OooooO! This, I love!! You can't really go wrong in Oscar de la Renta, and the Peach Multi Chiffon Dress looks like perfection on Miss Waldorf. You can't see her adorable Christian Louboutin Greissimo Mule Peep Toes, but check them out here in blue (hers are orange).

Serena is way trendier than Blair - or pretty much anyone else on the planet. Blair is classic but kooky, but Serena tends to stick with the trendiest thing she can get her claws hands on. Here she is in wide-leg, high-cut, pink Suno Pants, and as typical Serena (or the real-life Blake Lively) loves to do, there is also a scrap of fabric desperately trying to keep her decent up top.

But here, Miss van der Woodsen shines in her vacation green Haute Hippie Take Me Now Dress. This is one of my favorite looks on her - maybe ever! Stunning and simple.

But then she does things like this. Too trendy for me! What are those, parachute pants? Well, technically they're Tibi Spring 2010 Blue Pants, but I consider them really ugly. And that pointy-shouldered Emilio Pucci metallic jacket? All kinds of "no!!!!" from me. I get why you're looking so sad, Serena. Yuck.

And here's the always dapper - though sometimes tacky - Mr. Chuck Bass, with his new lady love, played by French star Clémence Poésy (do you recognize her from Harry Potter?). Ms. Poésy (whose character name I can't find anywhere - not even on is bound to have a wardrobe full of goodies that I can't wait to see.

Ah, but this is by far my favorite. Gossip Girl does glam better than anyone, and I am dying over Blair's amazing $9000 Oscar de la Renta Vermillion Silk Organza Pleated Gown. The reddish-orange dress (that word doesn't even give this piece of art justice) has a slightly asymmetrical hem (think January Jones at the Emmys, but way less ridiculous - see it here). My heart is beating so fast when I see this - but is it really because of the drop-dead gorgeous dream gown? Or is it because of that look between Blair and Chuck?

O.M.G. - we'll just have to wait and see.


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