Aug 25, 2010

Kickin' It Up A Notch

Oh, snap. It's the last (full) week of August! Hallelujah! Though fall doesn't really hit us here in Kyoto until October, the month of September always brings images of back-to-school (though we always started in August anyway), pumpkins (though that's more of a Halloween/Thanksgiving kind of thing, really), and crisp leaves (though the trees don't usually change in September).

Well, hmm... OK, so September may not be the most "autumn" of months, but perhaps most importantly, September brings.... the September Issue! Filled with delectable fall fashion, the September Issue is always one of the best of the year. I'm off this weekend to stack up on any magazines that I may have missed during my last trip to the foreign bookstore.
The one thing that I'm looking for - that I'm always looking for I suppose - is a great fall boot. Every year, I absolutely fall in love with the pants- or leggings-tucked-into-boots look. See?

Image from Possessionista
MICHAEL Michael Kors Greenwich Belted Boot

Sigh. Swoon. I'm sold. Here are more of my favorite picks for lusty fall boots.

Tory Burch Shannon Tall Belted Boots
  These are de-li-cious. I love the color ("Royal Tan" - Oo La La!) and the belted details at the ankle. I'm not a real big fan of embellishments or hardware on my boots, but if I had $575 laying around, I would add these to my shopping cart in a heartbeat.

N.Y.L.A "Retusa" Boot
Just gorgeous. I love the camel color of these boots, though I can only find them in brown leather and black. They could go with anything, from black to brown and any color in between, and they are reasonably-priced at $170.

Guess Teddy Boot

I'm usually not a fan of pointy-heel boots, but these are sex-eee (with the elongated "e"). I am also more of a pull-on boot girl, as opposed to a zip-me-up-in-these (again, I like to tuck my pants into my boots, but they always seem to bunch up when there are zippers involved), but these would look amazing with some colored tights and a cute dress.

Bruno Magli Ankle Boots
And finally, for something completely different, I am head over heels in love with these bright red, fun, sassy ankle booties. How much fun would it be to wear these? With black tights and a fun dress, all you would need are these booties for an extra pop of color. I'm on the lookout for these, but with a $360 price tag, I'll have to find something in my price range. ::sadface::

I'll let you know if I buy any boots soon!

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