Aug 26, 2010

Crafty Bloggy

It's Thursday (didn't come soon enough, if you ask me), which means it's time to post about crafts. To be honest, I love looking at crafty blogs, gathering inspiration and tutorials from all over the web. BUT... I'm not very good at being crafty. I have a bowl of excuses - and look! Here's the bowl right next to me! Let's take a look, shall we?

I live in Japan.  
OK, lousy reason, right? Come on! I live in JAPAN, which is just awesome. But, there's no Micheal's! There's no Wal-Mart or Target! Yarn costs a ridiculous amount (no Lion Brand here!), and is so limited. Right now, I really, really, really want to start a nice, warm fall scarf, but there is no woolly yarn available in my yarn shop right now. I find they're very seasonal with their products here. I know I could get into Japanese-style crafts, like origami or amigurumi (I'm not good at crocheting - yet), but I am looking for more home-decorating crafts or wardrobe DIY. And those kinds of things I haven't been able to find here.


I have no sewing machine. 
Again, see excuse No. 1. What a waste it would be for me to buy a machine right now. So, I must wait. But how funny is this Hello Kitty sewing machine? She looks a little ill, though. >.<

About the size of my apartment (not quite
to scale)

 I have no space to get crafty. 
Japanese apartments are small, dude! Plus I live with two boys so we have enough mess as it is. I long for a craft room, and I can't wait until I have one, but life is just too temporary right now.
OK there are my excuses. They don't mean, however, that I am not constantly inspired by the amazing and talented people all over the world with blogs. My favorite site to go to, which undoubtedly leads me down a rabbit hole of crafty, bloggy goodness, is One Pretty Thing

Visit me!

Every day, there are at least 20 new tutorials ranging from kid's projects to jewelry making to home improvements. It's easy to spend hours just going through all the pages, and letting them lead you to new blogs that you can spend hours going through. Let One Pretty Thing take you on a trip across an Internet filled with craftiness!

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