Aug 16, 2010

It's Cookie Ti-ime!

Remember "Troop Beverly Hills"? No? Really? Was I the only one who watched that movie over and over and can still quote it? Beverly Hills, what a thrill! Hello, Jenny Lewis was in it! She's super cool, which makes me somewhat cool for watching her, right?

Wow, that really has nothing to do with what I want to talk about. I want to get serious for a minute. I have a confession. I love making cookies, and I would say that I'm pretty damn good at baking them, but the only chocolate chip cookie recipe I've ever tried was Tollhouse. You know, the one you find on the back of their chocolate chips. Granted, over the years, I've made the recipe into my own, adding extra vanilla and flour, cutting out the salt and the chocolate chips (seriously! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but Amy's Chocolate Chip-Less Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a hit!), but I felt like I couldn't really call myself a baker without having tried a new cookie recipe. So, last week, I did it. I made the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And they weren't bad. They actually got mixed reviews in my house. IN THIS CORNER! We have D "The Big Bro"! And over here, we've got C "The Sexy Hubby"! (Wow, too much Fight Night for Xbox 360 going on in our house - "What is that, a chin or Mt. Rushmore?!") D thought the cookies were the best - ever. He liked the taste and the texture, and the sea salt sprinkled on top. And that was the dividing line. C absolutely did not like the salt. Don't get me wrong - he ate those cookies like they were going out of style, but, he made it clear that he would not prefer these. D, on the other hand, asked me to never make the other kind again. Oh the dilemma.

So, I've decided that next time, I'm not going to make either. I'm going to make Alton Brown's The Chewy. I love that man, and he's taught me a lot about food and baking. So, I'm going to put my trust in him (he helped make my red velvet cake turn out much better the second time, as he taught me about "wet" and "dry" ingredients), and I'll let you know how it goes. Until then!

Oh, and I promise pictures next time.

AND, P.P.S - I'm awesome at poker.

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