Jul 29, 2010


I'm so inspired by so much. Beautiful photography, food, crafts, knits, clothes, fashion, accessories, books, friends, family... the list goes on. I'd like to start posting pictures of some of the things that inspire me, so I can learn more about myself, my style, my aesthetic, and who I want to be. I'd like for it to be a weekly thing, but first I need to make a plan for my blog. In the meantime, let's just post some things that I saw today.


I feel...

It's so gray here today, but there's so much beauty around.
Not necessarily in my office, but in my mind.

My home...

 I can't wait to have my own home. A place I can be me completely. For good. Life feels so temporary right now and it's really starting to get to me.

On the outside...
pretty dresses. I love light, flowy, airy, sundresses. 
They make me feel girly and pretty.

I wish...
for inner peace. 
I need it right now.
All images can be found on weheartit

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