Jan 19, 2010

Last Night's Looks

Here are my picks for the best and worst dressed of the 2010 Golden Globes. I'm actually kind of surprised how much I differed from others' opinions, but I don't take that to mean I have no style! I take it to mean that I'm unique. >.<

Check out my picks after the jump!

5. Mariah Carey
Not like this is any surprise. Has she ever been on a Best Dressed List? Talk about dressing inappropriately at all times. Yes, Mariah, we get it - you have your own Golden Globes. But please, there is no need to show them off. Again.

4. Kate Hudson

I have to give her props for taking risks. She is not one to play it safe on the red carpet, but for me, she's also never been able to get it right. She looks like a bird made a nest in her bosom and like a mermaid on the bottom. And the shoes! No. Just no.

3. Cameron Diaz
No, I am not a fan of hers, which may be why I never like what she wears. One, what the heck is with the sleeves? On a formal dress? Two, it's so boring! Red, drapery, silk. Snooze.  Three, she looks like the Joker. I'm just saying.

2. Diane Kruger
Here's another one who takes risks, so I can't help but respect her choices. But yuck! It's a bad prom dress from the 80s. Nothing about the top is pretty or flattering.

1. Drew Barrymore
Seriously, what is that coming out of her hip? This is gross, but it looks like her skin split open and coral grew out of it. It is straight up ugly. No excuses.

5. Christina Agulera
Wild card, I know! But she looked so polished and pretty. Her hair and her makeup were spot on and she looked incredible. Mariah, please learn something from this grown-up popstar.

4. Sandra Bullock
That color looks fantastic on her! The dress loses a few points because of the see-through area on the bottom, which makes it look a bit cheap if you ask me. But it also makes it different and makes an otherwise safe dress into something that makes you look twice. She deserved her win for the Blind Side as well.

3. Marion Cotillard
Wow. I love the hint of lace detail that makes you think of lingerie. I love that slit and how the dress's color and material are soft, but the design and cut are daring. She looks fantastic and really knocked it out of the park. She is so gorgeous.

2. Jennifer Aniston
You know I love her, but I also have had her on plenty of my worst dressed lists. I hated what she wore to the Oscars last year - she looked like she was going for prom queen with that beaded dress, braid across her head and douche-bag supreme John Mayer on her arm. But last night she showed the world - or at least me - that she has it in her to be ridiculously sexy. That shoulder, that slit, those shoes... perfection! But the hair - get it out of your face! Points off for not rocking that dress and body like you should, with your face held high!

1. Lea Michele
Yes, I love Glee. So so so so much. But Rachel is not my favorite character (I like Kurt). But my gosh, Lea Michele is drop-dead gorgeous! And this dress... it's a perfect pick for a first-time Golden Glober. The drama is high with the full skirt and sexy sweetheart neck, but it's also black, which makes it a fantastic choice. Though if it had been navy blue, it would have been my dream dress.

And those are my picks! I am looking forward to March 7, when the real drama comes out at the Oscars!
All photos from Celebuzz

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