Jan 20, 2010

I send you a message with my fingertips...

I spent this morning translating the song CHE.R.RY by Yui. I had done it before, but not too well and quite a while ago. I think song translations are the worst! Half of the time I don't understand lyrics in English! But I think it's an important part of learning a song in another language. That way you can at least get some sort of understanding of what the feeling is behind the song. My goal is to sing it again in karaoke next time!

Wow, my boss just talked to me and my spit (or air?) went down the wrong pipe and now I can't stop coughing. How... awesome and totally not embarrassing.

Yesterday I started Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. My muscles aren't ridiculously sore, though sitting behind a desk all day long has made it hard to walk at times. Doesn't help that I'm wearing my 3-inch heels today either. But I hope I see some results. I'm not looking to lose any poundage, just tighten, tone and look totally fantastic. I hate working out, but this DVD is short and intense and really not boring. Plus, it helps that it says 30 days in the title. I should be able to motivate myself enough to keep it up for 30 days. Hah - famous last words? After day 10, I'll do a review of Level 1 of the DVD. By then, I'll have done it, well, 10 times, so I can have a clearer picture of where it's taking me and how it has made me feel.

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