Feb 22, 2010

Pick Me Up Monday

Here is the first of my series of Pick Me Up Mondays!

I just finished reading "Through the Looking Glass" this weekend. I had read "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" a few weeks ago, and they were such lovely stories. I never cared all that much for (Disney's) Alice in Wonderland (though I would now like to see it again), but the pages straight from Lewis Carroll really were a work of art. Magical, touching and oh-so-fun.
Oh. My. God. I. Die. 
I cannot wait for spring to get here! I am eagerly anticipating the warm breezes, the flowery scents, the amazing pink ume and sakura that will blossom throughout Kyoto, the most lovely place on earth in the spring.

It's my daddy's birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday, Daddy! ♥ 

I always wondered who would ever think of spending two grand on a purse, but now I know. 

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  1. Nah, you can get them allot less! You just have to know how ;)


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