May 9, 2011

Broken Blogger!

Welcome to May, lovelies!!

Sorry I wasn't here to welcome it in with all of you, but I was on a much needed (and deserved) Golden Week vacation. Here in Japan we have four national holidays in a very close vicinity (April 29 (Showa Day), May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day), May 4 (Greenery Day) & May 5 (Children's Day)), and I took off May 2nd and 6th to make it a 10 day vacay.

And now I'm back and ready to rumble, but for some reason Blogger has different plans for lil ole me. It will not load to let me me post a new post, and so I'm using a "Blog This!" link on my Google Chrome. Unfortunately, it won't let me post any pictures or beautiful things, so we'll all just have to wait till tomorrow. I'll tell you all about the vanilla cupcakes I baked! And the chocolate cupcakes, too!

Until tomorrow!

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