Apr 27, 2011

Have you heard?

Yeah, OK, it's everywhere. A little too much everywhere if you ask yours truly, but I don't recall you asking me anyway. Regardless, I'm all for the world celebrating what is quite possibly a dream-come-true for Miss Middleton. What girl hasn't dreamt of becoming a princess? My Halloween costume was pretty much the same for most of my childhood - a pink frilly dress, a crown and a scepter. (Except at the age of two, when I was a vampire. That was awesome.) When folks asked cute little Amy what she wanted to be when she grew up, she firmly stated that she was to be a journalist princess. Of Missouri.

Alas, my Missourian Prince never did come knocking down my door. But while I was meeting my very own (not literal) Prince in Oregon, a beautiful girl from the small village of Bucklebury was nabbing herself Mr. Wales. And it sure isn't hard to see why Prince William - a man who, while having lost his boyish good looks (and glorious hair) in the past few years, could have had his pick of any eligible (or probably even ineligible) woman in the world - would fall for this anything-but-common beauty.

Miss Middleton has done amazingly well given her catapult into the spotlight. She holds herself with confidence and class, and perhaps most importantly, has an impeccable sense of style. Let's take a look at some of the possible future Queen of England's best outfits thus far (so excited to see the wedding dress!!).

While not her first shining style moment, this dashing, deep midnight blue Issa dress is by far one of her best. Miss Middleton has been spotted in Issa garments for more than five years, so it came at no surprise that she would remain loyal to the label while making the biggest announcement of her life thus far (I'm guessing a royal pregnancy would outweigh this). The engagement dress seen 'round the world sold out in less than 24 hours and Kate Middleton cemented her place as a royally incredible style icon.

Kate donned another Issa gown at a friend's wedding in 2010. This electric blue number was plastered on magazines everywhere as speculations of an imminent royal engagement grew. The poor bride was probably out-shined on her very own day.

Care to wager a bet on the designer of this gorgeous grey gown? 10 points if you said Dior! You'd be wrong, but you should at least get points for not guessing Issa. If you did guess Issa, give yourself 2 points - one for being right, and one for being predictable. Regardless, this stunning full-length dress made certain that all eyes were on the future princess and not the prince at her side.

But Kate doesn't only look put together at formal functions. Even pancake-tossing events call for a certain level of style, and on one of her first official events as a representative of the monarchy, Miss Middleton wowed in a beautiful Burberry trench with a flared hem. Showcasing her stylish superpowers once again, this double-breasted classic coat sold out within 24 hours of being seen on this beautiful lady.

Skinny jeans and a blazer are classics in every woman's closet and Kate shows all the ladies of her court how easily casual can be done. Alas, her face is saying, "Sure, you can dress like me, but you'll never be me. ::smirk::" Imitable and bitterly enviable in one swoop. That's how she rolls.

Here's to a happy marriage for both Prince William and Catherine Middleton. And congrats on stealing my dreams having your fairy tale come true.

...Prince Harry is still single, right?

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