Apr 6, 2011


Hello, lovelies, and welcome to another beautiful Wardrobe Wednesday!

You know what I noticed about my Wardrobe Wednesdays? I seem to focus on "fashion," but so far, I haven't concentrated much on "style." It's strange, because I'm surrounded by such incredible style everyday in this amazing city and my own style has changed so much since I moved here in 2006. I actually get compliments on my style these days! From people other than my mother! It's crazy, I know.

Just like America, Japanese street style really ranges from place to place. They have entire magazines here dedicated to highlighting that fact, and it's amazing to see how much each city really embraces their own look.  Here in the culture capital of Kyoto, women dress quite conservatively and many would be considered "Classic" (though some say "snobby"). But right next door in the bustling, urban sprawl of Osaka, women produce more colorful, messy and funky styles. Even neighborhoods in the single city of Tokyo range greatly - think Harajuku versus Ginza. But there are always trends that can be spotted all over this great nation, as Japanese girls (and boys) looooove trends. Let's take a look:

You won't catch me in this trend.
This is by far one of the biggest trends you can spot anywhere in Japan: black tights with jean shorts. This is a HUGE step up from the "jean-shorts-only" look that we saw in Winter 2008, but I'm still not a fan.

It's not just black tights that are in, however. They also love color and usually aren't afraid of it.

Ooo! Super cute.
And right now, patterned and lace tights are super popular. You can see them on teenage and twenty-something girls everywhere. But I've gotta say that Blair Waldorf wore them first (and more fiercely).

The hubby hates patterned tights
Man I love those boots
But going back to the black tights, right now a trend that you cannot get away from is black tights with light, floral patterns. When I was in Kyushu last week, I saw four girls in the span of two hours wearing black tights, a floral skirt, and brown boots. Four! Seriously, where's the individuality? Oh wait, it's Japan.

At least the boots aren't brown
Girls aren't the only ones that follow trends like a hungry puppy follows bacon, though. Boys get their own trends, such as:

murse by YSL
...the man purse (or murse, if you will)!! The murse can be seen everywhere in Japan. The only thing that pisses me off? His purse is nicer than mine. :(

But that doesn't even begin to compare to this trend:

This look is EVERYWHERE. You can't go down the street without seeing a coat like that! ...No, I'm just pulling your leg. I just had to include this guy because of his "What?!"-factor, a style quality that many Japanese dudes share. Other questionable looks that are in for boys? Grunge ("What is this? 1992?"), plaid, and pointy crocodile shoes (wish I was joking about that one, but I'm serious).

But enough with trends. I'm more of a classic-style-kind-of-gal (I do live in Kyoto after all). Here are three looks that caught my eye and have inspired me to keep improving my style:

I want!
This look is perfection to me. I love everything about it, from head to toe. Doesn't she look like a model? But no! She's a 19 (!!!)-year-old part-time worker!! Maybe she's a part-time model? (2 points to you if you sang that). Can you believe her knit dress is from H&M?

I see those red soles peeking
I also adore this look. Her jacket is from Jill Stuart, as is her snood. Her incredible pumps are, of course, by Mr. Christian Louboutin, her handbag is by Louis Vuitton (naturally, as Japanese ladies LOVE them some LV), and those rockin' glasses are by Chanel. Work it, lady.

All pictures from my Japanese Street Style pinboard
And finally, I love this effortless, casual look seen on this 34-year-old therapist. Her outfit is put together with pieces from Japanese brands such as ANAP (those boots!), Uniqlo (leggings), and a handbag by HAKUi. No clue where the gorgeous stole is from, though. :(

Well, there's a peek into some Japanese street fashion. I can't wait to see what styles San Francisco will bring! Till tomorrow...

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