Feb 1, 2011

2011 SAG Awards - Beauty Edition!

Last night were the SAG Awards (well, yesterday morning for me). And since I missed the chance to comment on my favorite looks from the Golden Globes, I thought I'd throw my two yen in on my favorite looks from last night. Seeing as today is Tuesday, though, let's talk about hair and make-up!

No. 1: Mila Kunis
If you know me, you would not be surprised in the slightest to see who my No. 1 pick is. SHOCKER! It's everyone's favorite girl of the night (and my if-I-could-trade-looks-with-anyone-in-the-world-ever gal), the drop-dead gorgeous Miss Mila Kunis:

 Maybe it's hard to pronounce her name, but it's actually said "PER-FEC-TION"
Getty Images
I'll talk about her choice of dress tomorrow, but for today, let's take a look at how amazing this woman's looks are. First off, that hair! When my lovely sister-in-law did my hair over winter vacation, it was Miss Kunis's picture that I pulled out for inspiration. Can you blame me? (And just for the record, I think my hair turned out just as amazing as hers, though I long for the textured curls she's got going on.) 

And look at that face - how could you not think it's perfect? While the romantic hair kept things simple, the dramatic makeup accentuated her beauty and made her stand out in the sea of beautiful people. As she's known to do, Miss Kunis played up the drama with her enormous eyes (oh SO JEALOUS, even if she couldn't see out of one of them for a few years), this time by layering two dark shadows followed by Lancôme's Le Crayon Khôl Eyeliner in black. 

No. 2. Lea Michele
Perhaps my second choice is also not a big surprise because I always think Rachel Berry Miss Lea Michele always looks amazing. Take a look:

"Don't hate me cause I'm more talented than you'll ever be."
Getty Images
Flawless! I love her mix of plum and lavender shadows and simple soft pink lips. And those lashes go on for miles! But what I liked most about Miss Michele's look was her hair (granted, let's not compare it to the beauty above, because no one compares with Kunis). Her full, shoulder-length locks were softly tousled and curled away from her face, creating big, flowy waves and framing her natural beauty. No wonder she's a Dove spokeslady - she's got the beauty thing down pat.

No. 3. Natalie Portman
OK, I think she deserves the Oscar for her amazing, uncomfortable, intense performance in Black Swan, no doubt. But can I be honest? I only included her on this list cause I couldn't really choose anyone else that would be able to hold her own against Mila and Lea (though Claire Danes was a close runner as well).

"I win at life."
Getty Images
But to be fair, the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role nominee (and winner!!)'s picture-perfect soft makeup is fresh, clean, simple and immaculate! Where other girls tried and failed, Miss Portman nailed the brown smoky eye, keeping it relatively soft and pairing it with an unassuming rosy lip. Plus, her pregnancy glow was unmatched on the red carpet. (But don't get me started on that hair...)

Those are my picks! Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I'll tell you about my favorite gowns. See you then!

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